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Setting the Record Straight

Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s mission is the same today as it was the day of its founding in 1982:  to find a cure and eradicate breast cancer.

In Suzy’s hometown of Peoria and all throughout the 36 county service area of the Memorial Affiliate, we are focused on saving lives by empowering people through education and outreach, ensuring quality of care for all and funding critical research to find the cures.

The Memorial Affiliate considers all grants based on their merits.  Grants are awarded where they will have the greatest impact, do the most good and fit our community profile. The goal is to make sure more direct-service grants are available to help women in need of mammography and treatment.

For example, in 2011 the Memorial Affiliate granted nearly $30,000 to OSF St. Francis Medical Center to provide mammograms for low income women. We also awarded more than $100,000 to Methodist Medical Center Foundation to increase the number of African American women who receive breast health screening. Specifically, it helps fund the mobile mammography unit, bringing screening the where the women live. Research shows African American women are diagnosed at later stages of breast cancer and have a higher mortality rate. That grant to Methodist is making a difference and saving lives! Screening in the local African American community is up. The grant review committee for the Memorial Affiliate of Susan G. Komen also awarded $50,000 to the Community Cancer Center Foundation in McLean County to provide assistance to the uninsured and underinsured to access mammography and other services. These are real dollars that stay here in our community to help save lives.

Those are just three examples of community grants awarded by the Memorial Affiliate. A complete list of local grant recipients and how those dollars are used is available on this website, just click on “grants” on the tool bar. In all, more than 2,000 women in central Illinois received a mammogram thanks to grants supported by the Memorial Affiliate. Thousands more women and men received potentially life-saving education and outreach services.

The Memorial Affiliate has a 27-year track record of stewardship and fiscal responsibility. 75% of every dollar donated to the Memorial Affiliate stays in our community, 25% goes to national research to find a cure.  In fact, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is the largest funder of breast cancer research outside of the federal government.
The Memorial Affiliate’s recently expanded service area, which includes an estimated one million people in 36 counties, necessitates a larger scope of communication, research and funding.  The generous support of our corporate partners and individual donors allows us to empower and educate more people, helps ensure quality of care for low-income, underinsured and uninsured women and provides research dollars needed for science to find the cures for breast cancer. Recently announced funding cuts to the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program mean thousands of women in the state will go without potentially life-saving screening mammography. Organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure must be there to fill the void. But, we can’t do it without your support. By working together, we can detect breast cancer earlier, treat it faster and one day we will find the cures!

We also want to set the record straight to help you understand our national organization’s position:

  • Local Komen Affiliates will continue to have the ability to make their own funding decisions in their communities.
  • Second, Komen continues to move towards an outcomes-based granting strategy. This does not mean Komen will no longer fund education or so-called pass through grantees, but we will look for grants that can measure outcomes successfully and that meet the needs of the community as identified through our assessment process.
  • Third, to clarify the issue that made headlines, Komen is not defunding Planned Parenthood. In the small number of affiliates where Planned Parenthood grants exist, those funds will continue through the life of the grant, and Planned Parenthood like any other organization remains eligible to apply for future grants.
  • Finally, Komen national revised and clarified the policy change that caused the controversy. Only organizations that are found guilty of wrongdoing in a criminal investigation will be ineligible to receive a Komen grant.

No organization today provides more support from screening to diagnosis to treatment to survivorship care than Susan G. Komen. We remain committed to ensuring that ALL women, regardless of race, social status, political or religious beliefs, have equal access to breast health services, and our granting decisions continue to be based on the needs of the communities we serve.